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“Keeping your website up to date is critical now more than ever. With increasing competition on the web, visitors are quick to disregard websites with stale content. For site managers a CMS is vital to keep your site alive and ensure it remains at the cutting edge...”

SiteWise is a content management system designed to allow non-technical users to create, edit and update web content in a matter of minutes. SiteWise provides an uncomplicated solution to dealing with change and allows you to keep your web page as current as your business. Its strength lies in its powerful simplicity. If you can use Microsoft word, you can edit your own website.

Easy Editing

SiteWise incorporates a web based HTML editor that allows you to format text and
pictures with ease in a way very similar to common windows programs. Web and
Email links can easily be created and images can be inserted and aligned.

Optimised for Search Engines
SiteWise builds web pages that are specifically engineered to improve search
engine placement. Meta tags, page titles, image tags and similar techniques are
used effectively to help your site achieve maximum results. These work well in conjunction with a search engine
submission service.

Password Protected Sections
Passwords can be set for any section of your site, allowing only authorised visitors to view those pages or products. This
feature is ideal for photographers or for dealer prices etc.

SiteWise is continually developed and exploits the latest technical advances to keep pace with Internet progress.
Relevant updates are made available to all users.

Cost Effective
SiteWise eliminates a high proportion of website maintenance costs and allows you to sustain a fresh and dynamic feel
that encourages visitors to return on an ongoing basis.

Use images straight from your digital camera ...
SiteWise automatically resizes and optimises JPG images ensuring that your website loads in optimal time. No additional image editing software is required.

Security is Paramount
Access to your content management system is strictly by username and password only. You will be supplied with an admin web address that is completely separate from your actual website address.

Backup Facility
To protect you against disasters, a backup facility is provided allowing you to save the entire site to your desktop in one simple file.

Optional Modules

The news module integrates a news archive facility into your site. The latest news can be summarised on your home page with links to the full stories. A news index is created with a page facility allowing the user to browse past news. Each news article can include a picture, web link and email link.

Mailing List
Gather information about your customers with a web based mailing list. Visitors to your website can leave their email address allowing you to contact them regarding updates to your site, new products or special offers. Mailing lists are a great way to encourage repeat visits
and stay in contact with potential customers. To ensure that you do not become part of the ‘spam’ problem, all sign-ups are authenticated by sending an automated email to the user’s email address which must be acted upon before they receive further emails. Each email sent out also contains an automated unsubscribe facility.

Shop with Secure Checkout
This module turns your website into a fully functional e-commerce shop complete with shopping basket and secure checkout. Products can be put into sections and sub-sections; each product can have an image, description, price and up to 10 attributes or variants. Orders are delivered to you in a secure email, or the checkout can be linked to online payment providers like WorldPay, Protx or PayPal. Delivery costs can be calculated online by weight or use a fixed delivery cost calculation. A worldwide checkout facility is also available as an option.

File Manager
An easy way to upload files to your website avoiding the need for external or complicated FTP program. Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or Pictures can be uploaded to your site and linked to any page.

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Download the SiteWise Information Leaflet.
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