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SPAM Email Problem - Attached .EXE Files

We have been contacted by a number of customers regarding an email they have received supposedly from the Royal Mail regarding a Lost or Missing Package.

Royal Mail SPAM MessageHowever DO NOT be tempted to open the attached Folder - this email IS NOT from the Royal Mail - it is a SCAM email containing an Executable (.exe) File that could infect your computer with a Virus or Trojan.

Although a large number of these SPAM emails have been of the 'Royal Mail' style, there are many other versions too. These include emails that have supposedly been sent from 'Barclays Bank' (regarding a Transaction Notification), 'UPS Parcels' (regarding a Delivery Notification/Tracking Number) and 'Amazon' (regarding Your Order Details) to name just a few.

As indicated above, the main common factor between all these emails is that they have an attached ZIP Folder... inside this Folder is a file ending in .exe - this is an Executable File which is capable of installing a program on your PC... in this case a Virus or Trojan.


The Banks, Royal Mail, Couriers, Online Shops etc will NEVER send you a .EXE File, FULL STOP!!!

Because these .EXE files are contained within a Zipped Folder, Server Side Anti-Virus protection cannot 'open' the folder and look inside not least for Data Protection reasons.

However to counteract this global problem, we have added a new feature to our Server Side Anti-Virus service to provide you with protection against zipped up .EXE's. This is incredibly easy to set-up, just follow the simple instructions below:

Update Your Email Settings

Log into your WebMail Service (http://webmail.havnetmail.net) and follow these steps...
  1. Click on Personal Settings (top right)

  2. Now click on the Protection (Tab)

  3. Under Anti-Virus Filtering change the drop-down 'Anti-Virus' Setting to Extreme Scanning

  4. Now select what you want to happen when a Virus is detected followed by Apply Settings

You should now be protected from .EXE files within .ZIP Folders.

NB: These instructions are for our Anti-Virus / Anti-SPAM Email customers only... for information on our Server Side Anti-Virus / Anti-SPAM Protection Service, please email us: info@pureenergymultimedia.com

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