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Q When uploading a CSV File or Database to the SiteWise Mailing List, does it automatically remove duplicates?
If you upload a database or CSV file of contacts to SiteWise, any email addresses that are already listed within SiteWise will be ignored, in other words the system will not create duplicate entries of the same email address.
If however you are using separate Mailing Groups, it is possible to have the same email address in more than one Group. However SiteWise does this by storing the email address once only (like all other email addresses), but then assigns that email address to multiple Groups.
Let's say you have added the email address walter@google.com to GROUP A in the SiteWise Mailing List System. In this example, GROUP A is your main customer list.
You now create a new group called GROUP B - this group is for customers that purchased a specific product that you may want to target individually at a later date. You upload this list of customers but walter@google.com happens to be in this list too.
Now although you see two completely separate, individual groups with individual contacts in, the SiteWise Mailing List System take ALL contacts uploaded to it and holds them within a single database. However if you were to look at that database you would see that SiteWise has assigned the email address walter@google.com to both GROUP A and GROUP B. This allows SiteWise to manage the contact database efficiently by not having duplicate entries but still gives you the flexibility of assigning contacts to different groups.
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