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Q How do I add my own photos to SiteWise webpages?
Here are some instructions on how to add additional photographs to your SiteWise website pages.... 
Adding a Photo to the Website
 1. Assuming you have resized your photo already (see: how can I resize my photos), log into the SiteWise Admin System.
 2. Click on File Manager in the left hand menu, this will open up a separate window.
 3. Now use the grey 'Browse' button to find your photo - this will open up a 'choose file' window (part of Windows).
 4. Now either single click your image and press the open button or just double click your chosen image.
 5. The 'choose file' window should now automatically close back to the File Manager window within SiteWise.
 6. Now click the pink 'Upload' button in the File Manager and wait a few seconds for the file to load.
 7. A small thumbnail of your image should appear along with a web address starting: http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com/...
 8. Highlight the web address with your mouse pointer and then Right Click your mouse and select 'Copy' from the list.
 9. You will now have this address copied to your PC's clipboard.
10. Now, move back to the main SiteWise Admin Window and find the page you wish to add your photo to - click Edit.
11. The page should now appear within the Page Editor window.
12. Now click with your mouse in the page so a flashing cursor line appears.
13. Now click on the Image button in the Page Editor menu - the image button looks like this:  Image Button
14. An Image window will appear - click your cursor into the Source field.
15. With your cursor still in the Source field, Right Click your mouse and select 'Paste' from the list.
16. This should paste in the address you copied from the File Manager earlier - click OK to close the image window.
17. The image should now appear on the page!
18. You can now grab the image with your mouse pointer and move it around the page although it's movement is limited.
19. To move the photo to an exact position, click the photo and the click on the image button again.
20. In the Image Window, you can change the photos alignment and also add invisible spacing around each side - experiment until you find the position you want!
21. Now simply click Submit to submit the page with the new photos and then click Export Pages in the main menu.
22. Your website will now be updated with your new photo added!



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