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When we moved to larger premises last August it never occurred to us we might be sharing the property with a spooky presence.

The Counting House, which dates from 1821, contains the wealth of office space needed to support Pure Energy’s current expansion programme. But it also contains a maze of corridors, a vast stone staircase and umpteen dark corners.

“It wasn’t until we were actually in residence that we heard from previous occupants about the ghostly incumbent,” explains Jason Fitzpatrick, managing director of Pure Energy.

“Apparently there’s a long history of allegedly supernatural phenomena associated with this building. There have been intermittent reports over the years of strange footsteps, the sounds of whispers and furniture being moved in empty rooms, objects wandering from where they belong and several sightings of a ghostly figure lurking on the stairs.

“It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I was told. I spent a lot of time here in the evenings on my own organising rooms prior to moving in and, to be honest, I did experience a couple of very eerie incidents. Now our office manager Kelly insists on working in the room closest to the front door!”

“While it’s one thing to watch scary movies featuring haunted places it’s another thing to work in one!” adds design manager Steve Bryant. “But we won’t let it dampen our spirits. This building used to house Gurteen’s accountancy office in the nineteenth century. We reckon one of those Victorian accountants simply couldn’t let go! Either that or he likes our design skills!"
"We call him Albert and no, we won’t be contacting Ghost Busters just yet. We like to think there’s room in here for all of us!”
 Hmmm. They might feel happy about it but what about the rest of us? Kelly insists on working in the office right next to the entrance and the design team, who work at the top of the building, keep their door firmly closed and play very loud music.

Date : 31-10-2007

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