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Positioning the web at the centre of communications and marketing strategies to ensure business success was the theme for the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce’s May event, held at the town’s Arts Centre. This topic, which was delivered by Jason Fitzpatrick of local company, Pure Energy Multimedia, proved a popular choice and generated an unprecedented level of interest for a speaker from the private sector, attracting over fifty chamber members and guests.

The subject of online marketing clearly resonates with a wide audience and yet still remains something of a black art, shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. Designed to dispel confusion, inspire confidence and provide a unique industry insight, Pure Energy’s engaging presentation deliberately avoided web discourse and translated terminology into crystal clear concepts. Emerging trends, services and technologies were identified and analysed with clarity and precision.

This fast-paced, fact-packed talk certainly caused a palpable buzz in the auditorium; audience participation was also encouraged by the big screen interactive display, supporting content through a live internet connection.

The central focus was on Search Engine Listings, Data Capture, Email Alerts, E-Newsletters and Online PR. Jason described the process of acquiring, converting and retaining customers through strategic online marketing. Tips were offered on how to exploit the creative power of the web, optimise site visibility and reinforce brand.

The key message was ‘realities not just theory’.

Commenting on the event, Jason said:“ I was delighted and surprised with the interest shown from such a varied audience and with the amount of requests for more information.

“My premise is that the web can no longer be described as ‘new’ media. It's become an indispensable component in the success of any business and should be at the centre of all marketing and communications strategies. Used appropriately, the Internet can help companies reach a wider audience, at a lower cost and with greater flexibility than traditional marketing methods. Moreover, no form of marketing is as measurable or immediate.

“We are seeing a radical change in marketing practice as online gathers momentum. Earlier this year, internet advertising outstripped radio for the first time and the web looks set to become the dominant marketing medium of the 21st century. Companies who have worked out how to unlock the promise of e-communications have a huge competitive advantage. If you can dominate the market for search you can dominate the net.”

Local accountant and Haverhill Chamber member, Larry Dilloway confirmed: “This presentation was invaluable to me. It was highly informative and drove home the impact of the web on all aspects of business. It was fascinating to find out what really works in terms of presence, visibility and e-marketing; but equally as important was discovering what doesn’t work.

“One thing’s for certain, online advertising and marketing are firmly rooted in the technology industry and it’s an area of phenomenal growth. We are witnessing a sea change within the marketing sector. Jason’s industry knowledge and expertise in this area is considerable. His optimism is contagious and captures the imagination. Pure Energy is an invigorating and forward looking company.”

Paul McGurl of Risk & Safety Solutions agreed: “The content was relevant and compelling. It illuminated the future direction of business services and highlighted the enormous power, potential and momentum of the Internet as the key marketing medium.”


Story By: Elaine Collins

Date : 22-05-2006

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